Sports Betting News

  • Highlights in the agenda of EEGS 2017

    Eastern European Gaming Summit (EEGS) welcomes representatives from the gaming industry for a 10th year in a row this November. As a leading forum in the region, EEGS 2017 will present the most important regulatory changes and the future expectations from Eastern Europe. Apart from the Regulatory Track, the conference will turn the spotlights on the themes: “New expectations in the online gaming market”, “Marketing views”, “Tourism and Gaming” and “Responsible gaming”.

  • Robot opens the 10th Anniversary Edition of BEGE Expo

    The startup companies that will compete in the Gaming StartUp Challenge are already chosen and everyone will be able to meet the teams in the Startup zone, Hall 2 during BEGE Expo. On 23rd November the companies will have the opportunity to present their projects in front of the audience of manufacturers, operators and experts from the global gaming and entertainment field.

  • «BOSS Gaming Studio» announced its attendance at EiG

    Founded in 2015, a relatively young team, Boss Gaming Studio has already managed to visit all World known exhibitions as visitors in 2 years and 2 time as exhibitors, which undoubtedly brought great results, which allowed us to grow rapidly in terms of new opportunities. This time we planned to please Berlin with our presence, given the fact that there is already something we have to present to the public in various variations.

  • Who may replace Mourinho in Man Utd?

    Manchester United supporters may be concerned with what would happen if Jose Mourinho would really decide to leave for the French PSG, but it seems, that there is one person, who may replace the Portuguese at the manager post, according to bookmakers