Combi Bonus of 25% presented by Rivalo bookmaker!

Combi Bonus of 25% presented by Rivalo bookmaker!

Get with Rivalo bookmaking company’s bonus offer COMBI Bonus up to 25% more winnings in your combinations bets!

Place a combination bet containing at least 5 selections and receive, apart from your winnings, a % bonus paid in addition to your winnings when your combination bet pays out! With Rivalo, you can benefit from up to 25% extra returns paid on winning combination bets as part of our Combination Bet Bonus offer. To get the bonus, place a combination bet containing at least 5 selections and receive a % bonus paid in addition to your winnings when your combination bet pays out!

 The % bonus per combination lengths are: combination bet with 5-9 selections: 5%; combination bet with 10-14 selections: 10%; combination bet with 15-19 selections: 15%; combination bet with 20-24 selections: 20%; combination bet with 25 or more selections: 25%. Any additional winnings to be paid as a bonus for eligible winning bets will be added automatically as part of your return when the bet slip is settled.

All monetary values are subject to currency conversion according to Rivalo´s conversion rates. Bonuses are valid for all payment methods offered by Rivalo except for Cash deposits and/or deposits made via Rivalo Shops. Rivalo may offer promotions for which its own terms overwrite the current bonus dispositions, please refer to the corresponding promotion communication to consult special promotion requirements.

These offers are valid only for customers who have received them directly from Rivalo. Forwarded messages do not make recipients eligible for participation. Rivalo bonuses are for amateur players only. Professional players, game cartels, game associations or multiple registrations do not receive any Rivalo bonuses. Bonuses cannot be combined with other offers or promotions.

Rivalo reserves the right to withhold earnings from a particular account, decline requested payments and close accounts where a customer violates any conditions of the offers. Reload and welcome bonuses can only be offered (or cancelled) if the customer hasn't placed any bets after being credited with the corresponding deposit(s).

Bonuses are valid until cancelled. The user has 30 days to fulfill the bonuses wagering requirements, otherwise the bonus will be forfeited and the earnings generated with it will be deducted. Rivalo may change, reject and cancel the type and duration of bonuses at any time without prior notice. Bonuses can only be used once (1) per customer, home, email, phone number, computer and IP address. Accounts associated with one or more of these points will not be eligible for the Bonus and will be permanently blocked and funds will be withheld.

Rivalo reserves the right to cancel any bonuses and/or the resulting winnings if the user has multiple accounts or if abusive behavior is identified by the user. Subsequent user account registration changes do not make the client eligible for other bonuses.

If abusive behavior of the user is identified, including non-compliance with the conditions listed herein, collusion, use of this offer with other deposit bonus promotions, vouchers, free bets, or any other offer, Rivalo reserves the right to cancel this promotion, withhold the resulting winnings, and block any withdrawal requests. In case of bets on the same sporting event, including 2-way bet, only the first bet placed will be considered for rollover if it meets the minimum requirements.