Be in charge of your bets with Vbet bookmaker’s cashout option!

Be in charge of your bets with Vbet bookmaker’s cashout option!

At Vbet bookmaking company, you can manage your bets with the help of cash-out!

Cash-out is a special feature allowing you to make a profit from your bet before the end of the event. You can cash out your winning during the game. And even if your bet loses, you will be able to save a part of the bet. You can choose Full, Partial or Auto cash-out, and get your whole bet amount or its part while the event continues.

Partial cash-out allows you to choose exactly which part of your bet you want to withdraw, keeping the other part in the game. Auto-Cash-out allows you to create a rule (mostly set point), so that your bet is withdrawn (partially or fully) automatically, when it reaches or exceeds the limit settled by you. Use your bet, minimize potential risks with the help of the Full, Partial or Auto cash-out.

Here’s how it works: If you select cash-out, the amount offered to you at the given moment, will be settled according to the current exclusive bet offer. The final outcome of the event you have placed a bet on doesn’t affect the amount returned to your account. The offered amount will depend on the effectiveness of your selection and may be higher or lower than the initial bet.

Cash-out is available for various types of sport on the selected events, matches and markets – pre-match and live bets (single and multiple). To cash out the money, click on the ($) button or “Cash-out” button located in the “Open bet” or “Bet history” sections. If the ($) is not displayed, Cash-out is not available. If cash-out is available until the start of the event and we do not cover it in-play/live, Cash-out will not be available once the event starts.

You can also Cash-out funds via your mobile phone or tablet – select the “Open bets” or “Bet history” sections in the “History” section of your account and select the “Cash-out” tab, to see your eligible bets. After entering the mentioned section, you can click on the “Cash-out” button below your selection and confirm your decision at the beginning of this exclusive bet promotion.

Auto-Cash-out feature is applied as follows: the participant sets a cash-out limit and if the offered sum exceeds the set limit, the system automatically makes a cash-out. The given amount is added to the player’s personal account. It is possible to use auto-cash-out in all the cases when the organizer offers to withdraw funds. After placing the bet, the participant can find a “Cash-out” button in the “History” section of the Organizer’s website. After clicking the button, Auto-Cash-out also becomes available. Auto-cash-out is displayed in cash-out feature as a sub-feature.

There can be a temporary delay of accepting the Cash-Out request. If a price changes or a market is suspended then the Cash Out request may not be successful. If the cash withdrawal request is successful, it will be displayed and the bet will be settled immediately, except for the cases of Partial cash-out. The final outcome of the corresponding market will not have any effect on the amount of withdrawn funds.

Cash-out funds offered at any moment is the total amount that will be returned to your account in case of successfully completing the request. Some promotions will not be available in case Cash-Out feature was used. See General Promotion Terms and any promotion-specific terms for details. Cash-out is not available for the bets placed via any free bets.

Any bets settled with the usage of Cash-Out will not count towards the wagering requirement of any promotion. Vbet cannot guarantee that cash-out will be available on your bet selection. The bookmaker will not be responsible if the Cash Out feature is not available for technical reasons and bets will stand as originally placed during any such period. reserves the right to reverse the settlement of a Cash Out if the bet or a market is settled in error. The General Terms and Conditions of the promotion apply.