Leonbets bookmaker’s Loyalty program!

Leonbets bookmaker’s Loyalty program!

Every time you bet at Leon betting company, win or lose, the bookie rewards you with bonus points. Bet more, score more points and redeem them for cash!

Here’s how do bonus points work: you place bets on any sports you like in pre-match or live. Get rewarded with bonus points (leons) for each bet you place at Leon, regardless of its outcome. Go to “My account” section and redeem points for cash. Keep betting and enjoy your favourite sports full on! Earn bonus points with every bet and redeem them for cash!

What is the first deposit bonus? This is a welcome bonus available to all new clients on their first deposit at Leon. The bonus equals 100% of the first deposit amount but cannot exceed 100 USD/ 100 EUR/ 7500 RUB/ 50 000 KZT/ 2700 UA.

When can I claim my bonus? To claim the bonus you need to earn a certain amount of bonus points (the bookie also calls them “leons”). This amount is calculated by the formula: Points = Bonus received in USD * 25. For example, if you deposit $100, you will get $100 as a welcome bonus. In order activate it you’ll need to score 2 500 bonus points ($100 * 25 = 2 500 leons). If your account currency is different from USD, then the bonus amount will be converted to USD and the formula above will be used.

How do I earn bonus points? You earn bonus points (leons) for any bet placed at Leon (LIVE or Sports sections), regardless of whether you win or lose, with the exception of cancelled bets. How do I calculate bonus points for each bet? - If your bet is a winner, you’ll earn 1 leon for every 1 USD of net winnings (net winnings equal to the total winnings minus the stake).

If your bet loses, you’ll earn 1 leon for every 1 USD of your loss amount (loss equals to the original stake). If the bet is cancelled (settled at odds of 1.00), bonus points will not be awarded. Bonus points are not awarded when you use the "Cash Out" option. Example: you’ve placed a 50 USD bet at odds of 2.50. If the bet wins: Net Winnings = 50 * 2.50 - 50 = 75 USD. You’ll earn 75 bonus points. If the bet loses: Loss = 50 USD. You’ll earn 50 leons.

How will I know that I have collected enough bonus points to claim the first deposit bonus? As soon as you score the required amount of bonus points, the welcome bonus will be automatically credited to your account and you will receive a confirmation message by e-mail. The credited bonus could be used for betting or play in any sections of our website or requested for withdrawal.