Marathobet bookmaker’s superprize of €100,000!

Marathobet bookmaker’s superprize of €100,000!

Answer all Marathobet’s questions correctly and win the Superprize or win €5,000 with one wrong answer!

The stated amount of the Superprize (€100,000) will be distributed among all the participants who correctly guess all 12 outcomes; €5,000 will be distributed among the participants who correctly guess 11 outcomes. The Superprize promotion is a Bonus offered to Marathonbet clients. In order to win a prize amount, you must correctly answer questions relating to events in a selected football match.

A Superprize ticket consists of a set of questions where you have to select one or more answers for each question provided. The tickets will be given as bonuses to the following categories of participants placing bets with Marathonbet:

Participants who place a bet of at least €10 (or currency equivalent) on any sports event will receive one ticket each, provided the bet is both placed and settled after the start of the active Superprize and before the kick-off of the match being selected for the quiz.

Participants who place bets of at least €10 (or currency equivalent) on any market of the selected match will receive the number of tickets proportional to the bet amount, i.e. for each €10 (or currency equivalent) you will receive 1 ticket. For example, if your stake is €30 (or 3 €10 stakes), you will receive 3 tickets. Please note! If your stake is €20 (or currency equivalent) – you will receive 2 tickets, if your stake is €19 (or currency equivalent) – you will receive 1 ticket.

Both pre-match and Live bets count towards this promotion. If a double, treble, accumulator or multiple bet includes a selection from a qualifying match, you will receive the number of tickets proportional to the entire bet stake.

To earn your prize, you need to have a winning ticket. A winning ticket is any ticket that has 11 or more correct answers. The more correct answers there are on a ticket, the bigger the prize amount. The number of correct answers required for each prize amount are as follows: 12 correct answers—Superprize of €100,000; 11 correct answers—prize of €5,000.

Each ticket can earn one prize only. For example, if a participant provides correct answers to all of the questions, the corresponding ticket will participate in the €100,000 prize draw but will not participate in the prize draw corresponding to the 11 correct answers. However, the number of prizes that can be won per participant is not limited. To participate in several prize draws, the participant must use multiple tickets. If the participant provides 12 correct answers within one ticket, and 11 correct answers in another ticket, they can participate in several prize draws.

If several participants correctly answer the same number of questions, the prize amount will be distributed among all of these participants. The more tickets with correct answers you have, the greater your share of the prize. Participants can receive and use an unlimited number of tickets no later than five minutes before the start of the selected match, according to the rules of paragraph 2 above.

If you win, the prize amount will be credited to your Marathonbet account within 48 hours of the end of the selected football match. The promotion results will be confirmed within 24 hours of the qualifying match ending based on the match result at the end of normal time. The correct answers will be determined by official sources, according to paragraph 7.3 of the Marathonbet Rules. Own goals count to the side credited with the goal. Bets that contain one or more cancelled or void outcomes will not participate in this promotion. In the event the football match is cancelled all tickets will be void.

If for your convenience you want to select several answers simultaneously, you can select several answers to one or more questions at one time; accordingly, with this the total number of tickets used will double, treble etc. Marathonbet reserves the right to limit or cancel accepting answers at any time.

Entrants must be aged 18 years or over. Underage entrants' entries will be void. Late, incomplete or other ineligible entries will not qualify for this promotion. Unless otherwise stated, this offer cannot be used in conjunction with, or contribute to, any other Marathonbet offer or promotion.

For promotions where there is a requirement to place a qualifying bet, one bet can be used as a qualifying bet for one promotion only. If a particular bet placed would meet the qualifying criteria for more than one active promotion, then it will be allocated to a promotion based on the following priority: Entering of a Promo Code; Receiving a bonus from the Loyalty Program bonus catalogue; Receipt of offer email; Nearest closing time of promotion.

Entries made by customers that are self-excluded or otherwise have restrictions limiting their ability to place the required qualifying bet on their Account, or to use an awarded bonus or prize, cannot take part in this promotion. Entrants are deemed to have accepted these General Terms and Conditions and the Promotion Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them by participating in this promotion. All other Marathonbet Terms and Conditions apply and can be found here.

This promotion is not open to employees or immediate family members of employees of Marathonbet, its group companies or any company involved or associated with the promotion, including but not limited to, any printers and agents. Prizes are non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances. It is each entrant’s responsibility to ensure that all contact information is correct and valid during the promotional period. Marathonbet will not be liable for incorrect or incomplete contact information.

Prizes shall be awarded only upon compliance with these General Terms and Conditions and the Promotion Terms and Conditions of this promotion and in accordance with applicable law. If Marathonbet reasonably considers that any entrant has acted illegally, fraudulently, or not in compliance with these General Terms and Conditions, the Promotion Terms and Conditions and/or the Marathonbet Terms and Conditions in entering this promotion and/or the entrant engages in any prohibited activities, as set out in section 1.7.2 of the Marathonbet Terms and Conditions, we reserve the right to refuse to award that entrant or to void the Prizes.

Except in case of death or personal injury arising from its negligence or in respect of fraud to the extent permitted by law or any other liability that may not, by law, be limited or excluded, Marathonbet and any of its associated companies and agents shall not be liable for any postponement, cancellation, delay or changes to the awarding of Prizes beyond Marathonbet’s reasonable control.

By entering this promotion, you agree that Marathonbet and any associated companies may use information collected in this marketing or customer relationship management campaign strictly for purposes necessary for the management of this campaign.

Certain events may occur due to regulatory and/or legal requirements, technical difficulties and/or any other reasons beyond the control of Marathonbet that result in Marathonbet extending, refusing, reclaiming, cancelling, terminating, varying or suspending these General Terms and Conditions and/or the Promotion Terms and Conditions and/or the awarding of Prizes at any point prior to the end of the promotion.

Entries that do not comply in full with these General Terms and Conditions and the Promotional Terms and Conditions will be disqualified. Third parties shall not have any rights under these Terms and Conditions and cannot enforce any rights stipulated within these Terms and Conditions.