William Hill Free or 4 promo!

William Hill Free or 4 promo!

Awesome new promo offer from William Hill bookmaking company to win yourself some free bets!

Here’s how it works: Follow a few simple steps to use this offer; Play for Free. Predict six games in which exactly three or four goals are scored. Pick six matches correctly and win £200 in free bets (paid as eight £25 free bets). Pick five matches correctly and win a £5 free bet. Pick four matches correctly and win a £1 free bet.

 This promotion is only available on our website (williamhill.com) or through our app. This promotion runs from 00:00:01 (UK time) on Friday 11th September 2020 until 23:59:59 (UK time) on Tuesday 31st May 2022 (the promotion period). Only goals scored within 90 minutes (plus injury time) will count. Goals scored in extra time or penalty shoot-outs will not apply.

One entry per customer, per game week. How to take part: Open the ‘FREE OR 4’ game. Choose six matches from the match coupon. Click on ‘Submit Selections’. If any match is abandoned, postponed and no official result is confirmed in that game week, we will automatically replace it with a randomly selected match so that you still have the chance to predict six scores correctly.

The prizes for the number of matches chosen correctly are as follows. Six matches correct – eight £25 free bets (total value of £200). Five matches correct – one £5 free bet. Four matches correct – one £1 free bet. William Hill will add free bets to your account by midday the day after the last match has been played. If you do not use your free bet within 30 days it will be deleted from your account.

The maximum value we will pay in free bets won in the game week is £1 million (the prize pool).  If the value of all the prizes won is more than the prize pool, free bets will be split proportionately between winners. An example of how the prizes could be split is shown below.

If 50,000 customers predict four scores correctly, all customers will receive a £1 free bet. This amounts to £50,000, so £950,000 remains in the prize pool for the other winners. (ii) If 25,000 customers predict five scores correctly, all customers will receive a £5 free bet. This amounts to £125,000, so £825,000 remains in the prize pool for the rest of the winners. (iii) If 7,500 customers predict six scores correctly, they will each receive an equal share of the remaining prize pool of £825,000, giving each customer £110 in free bets.

You can use your free bet on any market listed under 'ALL SPORTS' (except lotteries, pool and tote bets under 'horse racing'). You cannot take the value of free bets as cash, and the amount of any free bet used will not be returned with winnings from it. If you use only part of the free bet, the remaining amount will be lost. ‘Cash in my bet’ will be available for bets placed using a free bet (minus the value of the free bet).

Points will be awarded for every correct prediction made. The top 20,000 players with the most points at the end of each month will win a prize. The monthly prize leader board will reset at the end of each month.

The points and prize structure is broken down as follows: 6 correct selections = 15 points; 5 correct selections = 10 points; 4 correct selections = 5 points; 3 correct selections = 3 points; 2 correct selections = 2 points; 1 correct selection = 1 point; 0 correct selection = 0 points.

Prize structure of monthly prizes is as follows: £1,000 cash prize; 2-10 - £100 in free bets (paid as 4 x £25 free bets); 11-50 - £50 in free bets (paid as 2 x £25 free bets); 51-100 - £10 free bet - 101-500 - £5 free bet; 501-1,000 - £4 free bet; 1,001-5,000 - £3 free bet; 5,001-10,000 - £2 free bet; 10,001-20,000 - £1 free bet.

End of Season Prizes are as follows: 1st Finishing position gives you £10,000 cash prize; 2-10 - £1,000 cash prize; 11-50 - £100 in free bets (paid as 4 x £25 free bets); 51-100 - £50 in free bets (paid as 2 x £25 free bets); 101-500 - £25 free bet; 501-1,000 - £5 free bet.

If you do not use your free bet within 30 days it will be removed from your account. Leader boards will only be available during the regular English football season. They will not be available during the European Championships

For instructions on how to claim your free bet, go to ‘How do I find and use my free bet?' on our website.

When the bookie converts currencies, it considers £10 to be equal to: €10 (euro); AU$20 (Australian dollar); CA$20 (Canadian dollar); CHf15 (Swiss franc); Kr80 (Danish krone); HK$115 (Hong Kong dollar);  ¥1300 (Japanese yen); Kr120 (Swedish krona); S$20 (Singapore dollar);  US$10 (US dollar).

The bookmaker expects you to be fair when you take part in promotions. It considers certain types of play to be unfair and to break these terms and conditions. These unfair types of play include the following. Using ‘minimal risk wagering patterns’ (that is, a set pattern of bets or stakes that unfairly minimises risks). Using more than one account in order to get more than the number of bonuses allowed for each customer.

Sharing personalised promotions (that is, promotions only available to specific customers we offer them to) with others. This includes taking part in any personalised promotion forwarded to you by someone else when it was not intended for you. Taking part in a promotion that is not available in the country you live in. Colluding with other customers (that is, plotting with others to gain an unfair advantage). Using more than one account per person, per household or per IP address.

If you take part in any play that we consider to be unfair, the bookmaker may may cancel any bonuses or promotions applied to your account, reclaim any bonus you have received as part of any promotion we have cancelled, and either: settle bets at the correct odds, not the bonus or promotion odds; void any free bets or bets funded by a bonus (that is, treat them as if they had never been placed); or remove any winnings relating to any bonus.

Regardless of anything else set out in these terms and conditions, you can withdraw funds from your main balance at any time, except where we must withhold the funds to meet our legal or regulatory obligations. You cannot take part in this promotion if the bookie has previously banned you from taking part in promotions, or from betting or playing any games on its website.

The bookmaker can withhold or refuse to pay any winnings from a bonus if funds you paid into your main balance (including any amounts you have already used) are cancelled or denied by any payment service (for example, your card provider).

The bookmaker can change or cancel this promotion, or change these terms and conditions: without giving you notice, if the change or cancellation is needed because of any change in law or regulation; or by giving you notice beforehand, if the change or cancellation is for any other valid reason (for example, if there is a fault in the software or systems we use to provide this promotion, or we identify a mistake in this promotion or these terms and conditions).

William Hill can also award an equivalent bonus to the one referred to in this promotion. The bookie will not be responsible for any technical, hardware or software failures, or any unavailable or lost network conditions which may result in incorrect information being displayed, or affect your ability to enter or take part in the promotion.  If there is any dispute over your eligibility for the promotion, the bookie’s decision will be final.

Your use of William Hill’s website, and your gaming or betting, is governed by the bookie’s terms and conditions of using its website or telebetting service (the general terms). You must read the general terms and these terms and conditions before you take part in this promotion. If any of these terms and conditions conflict with the general terms, these terms and conditions will apply. These terms and conditions are governed by, and interpreted in line with, the laws of England and Wales. Any legal action in connection with these terms and conditions will be dealt with in the courts of England and Wales.