Fire up on E-sports with Parimatch bookmaker!!

Fire up on E-sports with Parimatch bookmaker!!

Win up to 17,000 USD with Parimatch betting company by wagering on Esports!

To participate in the Promo, the participant, during the terms of the Promo and under the conditions provided in the Rules, must confirm participation on the promotion page; place at least 1 promotional bet on a sport that meets the rules of the promotion. The minimum bet amount is 10 USD with odds of 1.50; collect points for every winning bet that meets the rules of the promotion.

The offer is available from 09.05.22 to 22.05.22 23:59 (UTC+3); 1 stage: 09.05.22 - 15.05.22 23:59; 2 stage: 16.05.22 - 22.05.22 23:59. Sport types that take part in the Promotion: E-sports. The bet specified in clause 1 of the Rules may be placed as one event (Single bet) or combines various events (Parlay) Live or pre-match for any sporting event. The bet must be placed and settled during the current stage of the promotion.

Parlay odds must be at least 1.5, promotional event odds must be at least 1.5, and a bet must be at least 10 USD. Parlay does not participate in the promotion if at least one event in it was settled with an odds of 1 or lost. System bets, edited, and settled with CashOut, bets or with odds of 1 do not participate in the promotion.

Only winning Single bets and Parlay placed and settled during each stage of the promotion participate in the promotion. Each bettor can place an unlimited number of bets that meet the rules of the promotion. The total amount of bonuses is 17 000 USD. The points for each promotion bet is calculated as follows: Bet amount from 10 USD; 1 single bet = 5 points; 1 Parlay bet - 1 bet = 10 points. From 17 USD 1 bet = 15 points; 1 parlay bet = 30 points. From 800 25 USD - 1 single bet = 50 points; 1 parlay bet = 100 points.

Winning Parlays receive double points. All points for promotional bets are summed up and form the total value of the participant's points, as well as the place in the rating. Bonuses are shared proportionally among all bettors who have scored more than 0 points (in proportion to the points scored for this stage). The prize money, which participants get for each point, is calculated by the formula: stage prize fund / total stage points. The prize money is multiplied by the points that each bettor earns.

The total number of points is 10,000. The prize fund is 3333 USD. Each bettor with a non-zero balance of points receives: 3333 USD / 333 = 3 USD for each point scored. The bettor who has 5000 points receives: 5000 * 10 = 1666 UAH. The points rating is updated daily until 12:00 (UTC + 3) and based on bets settled from 00:00 to 23:59 of the previous day (UTC + 3).

The rating table and points for each stage are formed separately. The results of each stage will be summed up: 1 stage - 16.05.22; 2 stage - 23.05.22. Bonuses are credited within 72 hours from the moment the results are announced. Bettors receive a warning for suspicion of foul play under this promotion or at any time earlier. There are two types of warnings: Yellow card - it’s the first warning on suspicion of foul play (mainly if arbitrage is detected).

Red card - it’s the second warning, when the bettor is permanently disqualified from the promotion with zeroing of all points and must take no further part in the game and receives prizes. The red card is used for persistent violation of the rules of this promotion, or a confirmed violation of fair play before the game starts.

If during the check it is found that the bettor violates fair play or uses strategies that the company considers as fraud (multi-counting, using arbitrage or wrong odds betting, etc.) the company reserves the right to cancel the bonus and refuse to grant it without any explanations. The decision of the authorized officers of the company is final in the case of disputes.

In the case of disagreement regarding the interpretation of these rules, the official interpretation of the organizer (Parimatch company) is final and binding. These rules can be changed and supplemented both during the promotion and at any other time without prior notification. The main rules and conditions of Parimatch apply in these Rules.

Any complaints on disputable issues are accepted within 30 days after the end of the promotion. After this period, no claims will be accepted. In a disputable situation without precedents, the final decision is made by the Betting company.