Invite your friends to BETANDYOU and earn money!

Invite your friends to BETANDYOU and earn money!

BETANDYOU bookmaking company’s offers you to bring your friends and get a bonus for each one of them.

Become a BETANDYOU partner, tell your friends about us, and make money! Build a multi-level network by inviting friends who in turn will bring their own friends. You can find your affiliate referral link in My Account. All you need to do is share the link with a friend and get your reward!

So how does it work? You invite your friends. Your friends register, deposit funds, and place bets. You receive your reward! And how do you invite friends? Copy your personal referral link and share it with your friends. Share your referral link on social networks. Place banners on your webpage, blog, forum, or website, etc.

Wanna know how much can you earn? As you refer friends, you build a multi-level network. At each level you'll earn a percentage of the BETANDYOU net profit: Level 1 – 15%, Level 2 – 8%, Level 3 – 5%, Level 4 – 2%.

Your withdrawal for the 1st day will be €5 and it will become available on the 15th day. Your earnings will accrue in your account if you don't withdraw the funds every day. So, your total profit for the first 10 days will be available to withdraw on the 25th day and will be 5+3+2+1+0+4+6+8+1-3 = €27.

If your affiliate program balance is negative, you will not be able to make a withdrawal until the balance becomes positive. Your main player's account is not charged when the affiliate balance is negative. Your earnings are not fixed: they depend on the BETANDYOU profit generated from players who registered using your link. The commission fees, bonuses, and the total turnover of players you bring to the site do not affect your earnings.

Here's what else do you need to know: Participation in the Affiliate Program is possible only after the first deposit is made and your "Personal Profile" details are fully completed. You can drop your Level 1 referral and their referral network if you find that it is not bringing you profit. Only bets made with real money on sporting events and financials will be included in the Affiliate Program (bets using the bonus account are not eligible). Advertising under the BETANDYOU name is not permitted.

This includes the use of unsolicited email (spam), contextual advertising containing the BETANDYOU trademark, and Click-under and Pop-under Ads. If a player is found to have taken such actions, their account will be excluded from the Affiliate Program and all earnings received through the program will be canceled. Withdrawal of funds will not be available.

The use of "cookie stuffing" techniques (such as the following) is prohibited: Opening the BETANDYOU website in iframe with zero-length sides or in an invisible zone. Adding tags, cookie scripts, or other similar actions. You cannot register your own player account through your affiliate link, register again as a sub-affiliate (at Level 2, 3, or 4), or enter into collusion with other players. If these rules are not observed, the customer's account will be closed and blocked.