Win big with Vbet!

Win big with Vbet!

Place online bets in the amount of 0.1 EURO and receive an opportunity to win your share from the 270 000 EURO prize pool!

Those who want to participate in the promotion in the mentioned period from 00:00 UTC+4, Ocotber 27, 2018 to 23:59 UTC+4, January 10, 2019 (hereinafter referred to as promotion preiod) should place bets online in the amount of 0.1 EURO on and SPORTSBOOK application and the mobile version.  Тhe Bet IDs for bets of 0.1 EURO and more on, via SPORTSBOOK application and the mobile version placed on any event with any odds in the SPORT section will participate in the promotion. The organizer provides a non-repetitive Bet ID for each bet.

Winning, as well as losing bets will participate in the promotion, except for the ones where cash-out feature was used and ones calculated with the odds of 1. The prize pool of the promotion comprises 270 000 EURO, which will be drawn in 5 stages 108 000 EURO from the 270 000 EURO prize pool will be distributed among 4 draw stages (27 000 EURO for each stage) and 162 000 EURO will be drawn in the final stage. Prize pool for the first 4 draw stages will comprise 108 000 EURO. Once in 14 days a draw will take place, where 27 000 EURO will be drawn.

The BET IDs for bets placed throughout the whole promotion (from October 27, 2018, 00:00 UTC+4 to January 10, 2019, 23:59 UTC+4), except for the winners of the previous 4 stages will participate in the 5th final draw stage with the prize pool of 162 000 EURO. Starting from October 27 UTC+4 , a draw will be carried out during the first week following each draw stage, including the Bet IDs for the bets placed only during the previous draw stage. The draw will be live broadcast on and on Vbet YouTube page. The exact time of life broadcast will be presented on 3 days prior the draw.

All draws will be carried out via “keno” device, except for the ones intended for the first prizes of stages. The draws may take place in two rounds via keno device or a drum-like transparent container. During the live broadcast numbers from 0-9 will be in the keno device, 7 of each of them. During the draw, one number will be pulled out each time.

 After pulling out each number they will be compared to the Bet ID numbers. The sequence will be checked from right to left – from the end of the number to the beginning, revealing the number of matching Bet IDs (hereinafter - Match). Numbers will be consecutively pulled out and whenever there is only 1 match, the draw will be stopped and the prize will be given to the winner. In case there are no matches after pulling each number and checking it, and the number of matches before the last number is 9 or less, the prize is equally distributed to the Participants who have matches. In case, after consecutively pulling out and checking numbers there are no matches, and the number of matches before the last pulled number is 10 or more, the number after which no match is registered, is cancelled. In this case the last pulled number doesn't take part in the draw.