Paf betting jackpot pools promo!

Paf betting jackpot pools promo!

Bet with Paf betting operator and win the bookmaker’s jackpot!

Jackpot Pools is the latest addition to our portfolio of great betting products at Paf. Here’s a quick guide to Jackpot Pools – the home of big jackpots and smart syndicates.

Pools are sport prediction games where you predict a series of sporting outcomes correctly on a betting slip ticket. The more predictions you get right, the more money you win. Get all your predictions right to hit the jackpot. The magnitude of a jackpot win is determined by your ticket’s bet level and the number of people who make a perfect prediction. At the highest bet levels jackpots run into millions of euros with Paf Jackpot Pools!

The primary Jackpot Pools sport is football and this is where you find the really big jackpots. We also offer NBA, NFL and Grand Slam tennis. Prediction ticket types include all the most popular options – 1x2, Correct Score, Over/Under 2.5 goals, Set Betting and Asian Handicap.

A Syndicate is a ticket where you join forces with other players to play as part of a bigger ticket. Each Syndicate is controlled by a Captain – who makes the ticket selections and Cash Out decisions. You can be be your own Captain by making your own selections and creating your own ticket. Or you can find an existing smart selection in another Captain’s Syndicate and join it. Winnings are shared in proportion to each player’s individual contribution to the ticket.

You certainly can play for free. Once you start playing Jackpot Pools look out for Free Play tickets in your Paf Account Messages. Free Play tickets come in different types, so when we credit you with a Free Play ticket we will tell you how it works. Exciting, eh?

Paf’s new Jackpot Pools product is a replacement for our old Supertoto and Superscore product. Supertoto and Superscore will be phased out during Autumn 2019,