Colossus Bets presents Saturday 7 promo offer!

Colossus Bets presents Saturday 7 promo offer!

A weekly FreePlay into our Saturday 7 pool. One FreePlay per customer per week with Colossus bets bookmaking company!

You may be awarded FreePlay tokens that enable you to pick multiple selections (lines) within the same ticket. The number of lines available to you will be displayed on the betslip. You can spread these lines across a number of tickets until all have been used. From time to time, your account may receive FreePlay tokens into Colossus pools. FreePlay tokens allow you to play for free, yet with all the functionality of real money play. Yes, that means real money prizes and Cash Out offers! Tokens will either be awarded for individual pools or allow you to choose from a list of pools. Keep an eye on the "Freeplay" tab for notifications.

You can receive a FreePlay token for a number of reasons, including: You are a new player who just registered and passed age verification. You are taking advantage of our RAF (Refer A Friend) promotion, which gives you a FreePlay token for each friend successfully referred. See the RAF articles under Promotions for more information. You have signed up to receive information on FreePlay offers, promotions and other marketing information from Colossus. Log in and check the "FreePlay" tab to see if you have any tokens currently available. Sometimes you will get them just because Colossus is feeling generous :-)

Can't wait? Share your Colossus referral code with a friend and when your friend registers and passes age verification, you will both receive a FreePlay token (within 24 hours from registration). You can refer as many friends as you like! For more information on RAF (Refer A Friend) read the articles in the Promotions section. If you are logged in, you can find your referral code ion the bookamker’s website. From time to time, we will also run social media competitions through which you can win FreePlay tokens. Please note that we reserve the right to select the winners of these competitions, as well as the type and amount of FreePlay tokens offered.

You can cash out a FreePlay ticket exactly as you would with any real money ticket into a Colossus pool. At the moment, you can only only use FreePlay tokens on individual ('solo') tickets.