Optibet’s Euro last qualifying rounds promo!

Optibet’s Euro last qualifying rounds promo!

Bet on 2020 European championship qualification matches with Optibet bookmaking company and get free stakes from the operator!

Last two rounds of EURO 2020 qualifying matches are being held these days. Don`t miss Optibet’s special offer as you can receive risk free bets every day and also an extra prize is available for the most active bettors! Deposit no less than 20€ with code EURO and receive 5€ risk free bet; Wager at Least 30€ a day in single bets on any Euro 2020 qualifications matches. Receive 5€ Risk Free Bets if daily wagering requirements are fulfilled!

Extra bonus: Customer will receive extra 25€ (1x25€) risk free bet if required wagering will be fulfilled on each promotional day. Only single bets (with one event in coupon) made with minimum odds 1.3 (or more) will be counted. Offer is valid from 14.11.2019 00:00 until 19.11.2019 23:59. Minimum deposit required: 20€.

To receive 5€ (1x5€) risk free bet, customer needs to deposit at least 20€ with code EURO. 1x5€ risk free bet for deposit can be received only once. Daily wagering offer is valid during the following days: a) First day from 14.11.2019 00:00 until 14.11.2019 23.59; b) Second day from 15.11.2019 00:00 until 15.11.2019 23:59; c) Third day from 16.11.2019 00:00 until 16.11.2019 23:59; d) Fourth day from 17.11.2019 00:00 until 17.11.2019 23:59; e) Fifth day from 18.11.2019 00:00 until 18.11.2019 23:59; f) Sixth day from 19.11.2019 00:00 until 19.11.2019 23:59.

To receive risk free bet of 5€ (1x5€), customer must wager at least 30€ during the respective day (from 00:00 until 23:59) in single bets (with one event in each coupon) on any EURO 2020 qualification events. Only bets with minimum odds 1.3 or more will be counted. Each risk free bet will be credited automatically if wagering requirements for the respective day are fulfilled. Customer can receive extra 25€ (1x25€) risk free bet if wagering requirement for each promotional day will be fullfiled. Extra risk free bet will be provided automatically.

Customer can receive up to 60€ (7x5€ and 1x25€). in risk free bets: only one 5€ (1x5€) risk free bet for deposit with code EURO, only one 5€ (1x5€) risk free bet for each promotion day and only one 25€ (1x25€) extra risk free bet for all promotion period. Each customer can use this offer and receive each risk free bet only once. Risk free bets can be placed as single bets (with one event in coupon), on any sports events, on any type of bet, on pre-match bet and LIVE bet with maximum odds 5.0, till 21.11.2019 23:59.

In order to use the risk free bet, a customer must have a minimum balance equal or more to the placed risk free bet. Making a risk free bet, the player must mark the appropriate box in the coupon. Lost risk free bets are refunded 100% of the bet amount as a free money without any wagering requirements. Maximum amount to which bets are refunded, is 60€ (7x5€ and 1x25€). General risk free bet as well as Optibet general terms and conditions apply. Optibet reserves the right to alter, deny or withdraw the offer at any time.