Get your payout at any moment with Optibet bookmaker!

Get your payout at any moment with Optibet bookmaker!

Optibet’s newest feature allows you to return your betting slip before the end of the match. The possible payout amount by using cash out will be calculated automatically and individually, separately for each coupon.

You don't have to wait until the end of the events to get your money! Just cash out! By using cash out feature the risk of loss is decreasing, and the chance of winning - increasing! cash out is available for pre-match and live events, for single and combined bets.

If customer has placed a bet and after total odds of the slip and The odds have dropped then user can Cash Out a higher amount than the original bet amount. If the odds have increased then Cash Out amount will be smaller than your bet amount.

For example, the player made a bet of 20€ with a total odds of the bet 2.50. After that the selected event odds decreased, because the pace of the match was predicted correctly and the total odds of the bet became 1.50. The player has the opportunity to make a CASH OUT: around 30€. In case where the odds of the selected events increased, as the course of the selected matches was predicted incorrectly and the total odds of the bet increased to 7.50, the player can save some of his bet amount, about 6€. The amount of cash-out depends directly on the total odds of the bet, regardless of whether it is a single or multi-bet. If customer has made any bet with at least one pre-match event that has already started, CASH OUT function will be available only after the end of the started pre-match event.

Here's how to find it: Open "History" in your Optibet account; Choose any active bet which you want to pay out; Press Cash out to do a Cash out!

Cash out is a feature that allows you to make the early payout of the coupon before the result of all events in the coupon are known. Cash out is extra but not mandatory option. At its sole discretion, OPTIWIN may offer Cash out option to certain bets. The Cash out option may only be available for bets that are not yet fully calculated. If the Cash out option is available, the player will see the Cash out button with the proposed amount of refund.

Cash out feature is available on all offered sports events, on pre-match bets and LIVE bets. However, Cash out is not available in case of risk free bets. Cash out allows to make early payout for both single or multi-bets. Is it possible to make the payout of the coupon with LIVE events by using Cash out feature? Yes, Cash out feature is available on live events.  But keep in mind - it's available only for live bets. If there is any pre-match event in Your coupon it's not possible.

Please refer to the section "When it's possible to make Cash out?" When it's possible to make Cash out? Pre-match: with pre-match bet Cash out is available before the event starts. If there is any pre-match event in Your coupon that has already started, Cash out  feature will not be available until this particular pre-match event is calculated.

Live: If there are only LIVE events in your coupon (one or more), CASH OUT feature will be available at any moment. Important - if in the coupon selected for payout has one or more LIVE events, after pressing the button "CASH OUT", the payout will be made in 7 seconds in case that the included event odds in the LIVE coupon do not change. Is CASH OUT available for risk free bets? No. CASH OUT feature cannot be used on risk free bets.

CASH OUT can be done two ways: 1) Select the desired bet for the payout in the last line of the bet (the place where the coupon is formed) - press the green “CASH OUT” button; 2) Enter betting history - select the appropriate period to find the desired bet for the payout - select the appropriate bet - press the green “CASH OUT” button.

The possible payout amount using CASH OUT directly depends on the total odds of the corresponding coupon, which will be calculated automatically and individually in each case according to a certain algorithm. The proposed payout amount is affected by the bet amount, and changes in the probability of outcomes (odds) of the events included in the coupon.