Tottenham vs West Bromwich Prediction 14 January 2017
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Tottenham vs West Bromwich Prediction 14 January 2017

Tournament: English Premier League
Location: White Hart Lane
Match date: 14.01.2017 at 12:30

On January 14 2017 at 12:30 in the opening game of the 21st matchday of the English Premier League at the White Hart Lane the local Tottenham play against West Bromwich.

We must start with the fact that Tottenham are the only team which hasn’t lost a single home game in the current season yet. Moreover, they score really a lot and concede the average of 1 goal pre two games. The victory against Chelsea in the latest match 2:0 was the fifth one in a row for the Spurs at their home ground. Last time Tottenham lost at home was in November last year in the Champions League match against Bayer.

 As we have already noticed, West Bromwich show a bit better results in the current season compared to the previous one. Yet, they are still below the leaders of the championship and it doesn’t let them hope for a place in the European cups zone. The victory against Hull City 3:1 in the previous game was the previous game was the second one in a row and the eighth one in the current season. Before that they outplayed Southampton 1:2, lost to Arsenal 1:0 and Manchester United 0:2.

The results of the latest five games don’t show any obvious favorites. Each of the teams won once and they drew three times. The first round game of the current season also finished with a draw 1:1. Tottenham only lost to West Bromwich once in the new history and it happened in 2014. Yet, in the current season West Bromwich are in better conditions than ever and don’t seem to be afraid to face new challenges. As for Tottenham, they look very reliable in the national championship but the results of the latest three head-to-heads of the teams speak for themselves. We think that in the upcoming game both teams will manage to score at least once.