Rotherham vs Brighton and Hove Albion Prediction 7 March 2017
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Rotherham vs Brighton and Hove Albion Prediction 7 March 2017

Tournament: Football League Championship
Location: New York Stadium
Match date: 07.03.2017 at 19:45

On March 7 2017 at 19:45 in the upcoming game of the 36th matchday of the English Football League Championship at the New York Stadium the local Rotherham play against Brighton and Hove.

Rotherham were not doing really well in the previous season when they hardly managed to avoid relegation. In the current season they look no better, in fact. Four victories, five draws and 26 losses let them gain 17 points with 32:79 goal difference and that is the worst results of the league. Rotherham are 18 points below the safe 19th position and they will probably relegate after the end of the season.

As for Brighton, they, in their turn, seem to be in some kind of a recession now. They had a great season form the very begging of it and were the favorites of it competing for the victory. Just two games ago, before the match against Newcastle, Brighton were on the first position. Yet, they lost to the Magpies 1:2 and after that lost to Nottingham Forest 3:0 in the latest game. That’s how they went down to the second position and are now 6 points below the first place.

In the latest five games played between the teams they gained the same exact number of points. Yet, in the first round game of the current season Brighton won 3:0. Rotherham lost their four latest games in a row, yet Brighton are neither in their best conditions now. Anyway, we think that the visitors are the favorites of the upcoming game as they are still in the race for the championship and they are still motivated to try their best and gain their necessary three points in the match against the outsiders of the Football League Championship.