Ingolstadt vs Cologne Prediction 11 March 2017
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Ingolstadt vs Cologne Prediction 11 March 2017

Tournament: German Bundesliga
Location: Audi Sportpark Stadium
Match date: 11.03.2017 at 17:30

On March 11 2017 at 17:30 in the regular game of the 24th matchday of the German Bundesliga at the Audi Sportpark Stadium the local Ingolstadt play against Cologne.

Ingolstadt seem to be in some kind of a crisis now. In the previous season they made it to the elite division and were trying their best to show good results. As for the current season, they probably overestimate themselves and underestimate their competitors, which is probably why they make so many mistakes. Ingolstadt are 5 points below the safe position which is not in the relegation zone. Considering the current conditions of the tem, we think that it may be very difficult for them to stay in the elite division after the end of the season.

As for Cologne, they used to be in the race for the places in the Euro Cups zone. Yet, they seem to be in some kind of a crisis situation now which made them go down to the seventh position in the standings. The loss to Bayern 0:3 in the previous match was the second one in a row and the third one in the latest four games. Before that the Goats lost to Leipzig 3:1 and Freiburg 2:1 and drew Schalke 1:1.

The teams drew in most of the latest games played between them. Yet, in the first round game of the current season the teams drew 2:1. Both teams are by far not in their best conditions and they can hardly score at all. We don’t think that in the upcoming game there will be a lot of goals scored.