Swindon Town vs Sheffield United Prediction 14 March 2017
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Swindon Town vs Sheffield United Prediction 14 March 2017

Tournament: English League One
Location: County Ground Stadium
Match date: 14.03.2017 at 19:45

On March 14 2017 at 19:45 in the regular game of the 38th matchday of the English League One at the County Ground Stadium the local Swindon Town play against Sheffield United.

The first thing we can say about Swindon Town is that they score much less when they used to in the previous one. They score a half of what they did in the previous championship. Moreover, the team is extremely unreliable in defense, which makes it one of the outsiders of the league. After 37 matches played since the start of the championship Swindon Town gained 36 points and take the 22nd position in the relegation zone with 37:53 goal difference.

As for Sheffield United, they used to be the outsiders of the League One in the previous season and they even had to compete for staying in it. Yet, in the current season they are one of the leaders of it. They are one of the most efficient teams in the league and even though their defense is by far not perfect, they are still one of the most probable champions of the current season in their division and they will probably take part in the Football League Championship next season. moreover, Sheffield are the best team of the league according to their results in the away matches as they gained 33 points in their 18 away games with 37:27 goal difference.

Sheffield United won most of their games played against Swindon Town. We must also remind you that in the first round game of the current season Sheffield United also won with the devastating 4:0 at home. Moreover, Swindon are not in really good conditions as they lost their latest two games, in fact. As for Sheffield, they haven’t lost for a long time in the national championship and we think that in the upcoming game they will get their necessary three points on their way to the championship.