Ireland vs Wales Prediction 24 March 2017
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Ireland vs Wales Prediction 24 March 2017

Tournament: 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification
Location: Aviva Stadium
Match date: 24.03.2017 at 19:45

On March 24 2017 at 19:45 in Dublin in the regular game of the 2018 World Cup qualification at the Aviva Stadium the local Ireland national team plays against its neighbors Wales.

Ireland were the participants of big international forums only a few times in their history. Anyway, every time they did, they also managed to overcome the group stage of the final part of the competition and made it to the play-offs. For today, their best result is still the fact that they made it to the quarterfinal of the World Cup in Italy in 1990. In the current qualifiers Ireland already have the best form and that’s why they are close to making their campaign successful. They drew Serbia 2:2 in the first match and after that they won against Georgia, Moldova and Austria.

As for Wales national team, it usually had a few famous footballers in the squad, yet it has never achieved anything outstanding. For today, we know that Wales only made it once to the final part of the World Cup and also made it once to the final part of the Euros. Yet, in both of these competitions they managed to show some solid results as they took part in the play-offs of both of them. Wales left their only World cup final after the quarterfinal and their only Euros after the semifinal, which is pretty good for the beginners, as it seems to us. In the current qualifiers the Dragons are competing for making it to the final part of the upcoming World Cup in Russia as they have 6 points and the third position in the group.

The upcoming game will be the fifth one played between the teams. We must admit that in the previous four matches Ireland won twice and Wales won twice too. Ireland seem to be in really good conditions now. Moreover, they have never lost points in their home games against Wales. That’s why we think that in the upcoming match Ireland national team will manage to avoid a loss.