Hull City vs West Ham Untied Prediction 1 April 2017
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Hull City vs West Ham Untied Prediction 1 April 2017

Tournament: English Premier League
Location: KCOM Stadium
Match date: 01.04.2017 at 14:00

On April 1 2017 at 14:00 in the regular game of the 30th matchday of the English Premier League at the KCOM Stadium Hull City play against West Ham United.

There are a lot of injured footballers in the squad of Hull City ad it is a serious problem for the manager. It’s the first season for Hull City after they came back to the elite division and they don’t seem to be dealing well in the Premier League. They have already conceded 58 goals in their 29 matches played and that makes their defense the worst in the championship. Anyway, after the lost to Manchester City on December 26 they won five games and drew twice at the home ground.

West Ham are totally different from what they used to be in the previous season. Last year at the same time the Hummers were in the race for the places in the Euro Cups while in the current season the hardly manage to stay away of the relegation zone. In fact, they are now only nine points above it. Moreover, the loss to Leicester 2:3 in March 18 was the third one in a row for the team and prolonged their winless series to make it five games long. Before that West Ham lost to Bournemouth 3:2, Chelsea 1:1 and before that shared the points with Watford and West Bromwich.

As the results of the latest matches played between them show the advantage of West Ham as they won three games of the last five ones played between them and drew in the rest of them. Even though the Tigers keep losing, they still gained points in most of the home matches. Anyway, West Ham are definitely going to score at least once as they scored in their six latest matches in the national championship.