Freiburg vs Werder Prediction 1 April 2017
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Freiburg vs Werder Prediction 1 April 2017

Tournament: German Bundesliga
Location: Schwarzwald Stadium
Match date: 01.04.2017 at 13:30

On April 1 2017 at 13:30 in the upcoming game of the 26th matchday of the German Bundesliga at the Schwarzwald Stadium the local Freiburg play against Werder from Bremen.

We say that the current season is definitely a successful one for Freiburg. We must also remind you that it’s the first season after Freiburg came back to the national elite division. After 25 matches played since the start of the championship Freiburg gained 35 points and took the 8th position in the standings of the league with 32:42 goal difference 2 points below the Europa League some. As for the results in the latest games, we must say that they got a lot worse, especially in the home matches where they used to show really great results at the beginning of the season. In the latest five home games Freiburg lost to Bayern, Borussia Dortmund, outplayed Hertha and Cologne and drew Hoffenheim.

As for Werder, they failed a lot at the start of the championship, yet in the latest games they managed to improve their conditions and results a lot. In the latest five games Werder gained 13 points of 15 possible and managed to get two points above the relegation zone. Moreover, the results of the away games also got much better. Since the beginning of the year Werder lost to Augsburg, outplayed Mainz and Wolfsburg and drew Bayer in the away matches.

There have been five matches played between the teams since 2013 and Freiburg have a small advantage according to the results of them. Moreover, Freiburg managed to confidently win in the first round game of the current season against Werder 1:3 in the away match. The results of the home matches of Freiburg are really unstable, so we think that in the upcoming match against Werder they may lose points again.