Lazio vs Napoli Prediction 9 April 2017
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Lazio vs Napoli Prediction 9 April 2017

Tournament: Italian Serie A
Location: Olimpico Stadium
Match date: 09.04.2017 at 19:45

On April 9 2017 at 19:45 the main game of the 31st matchday of the Italian Serie A will be played at the Olimpico Stadium in Rome between Lazio and Napoli.

Lazio make a really small number of mistakes in the current season. they have already played 30 matches in the current season of the national elite division and have already gained 60 points with 52:31 goal difference which let them take the fourth place in the standings of the Serie A. the brilliant performance of Lazio may help them take a position in the Champions League zone. They are not just four points below Napoli, who are on the third position and that’s why we are sure that we will see the battle there.

As for Napoli, they have played two games against their rivals Juventus lately. In fact, they met the Old Lady on April 2 and April 5 and even though they haven’t lost a single of those games, they don’t seem to be satisfied with their results. In the first game which was played in the national elite division the teams drew 1:1 and in the Coppa de Italia Napoli win 3:2, yet it was only the second leg game and they still were kicked-off form the competition as they lost 3:1 in the first leg match.

The teams have already met five times since 2015 and both of them won the same number of matches. In the first round game of the current season of the Serie A they drew 1:1. Lazio played their semifinal game of the Coppa de Italia one day before Napoli did and made it to the final. As for Napoli, they played their game one day later and they definitely spent a lot of energy in it. Both of the teams really need to gain points in the upcoming game and that’s why they will be trying their best to win. Anyway, we think that both Lazio and Napoli will manage to score at least once.