Ajax vs Schalke Prediction 13 April 2017
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Ajax vs Schalke Prediction 13 April 2017

Tournament: Europa League
Location: Amsterdam Arena
Match date: 13.04.2017 at 20:05

On April 13 2017 at 20:05 in the regular Europa League quarterfinal first leg game at the Amsterdam Arena the local Ajax play against their guests from Germany Schalke.

The victory in the latest game of the national championship let Ajax gain three points and shorten the distance to the first place due to the mistake their rivals made. Moreover, that victory was the third one in a row and prolonged the lossless series of the team to make it 14 matches long already. As for the Europa League, in this competition Ajax only lost one game on their way to the current stage. They lost to Copenhagen in the round of 16 where they later outplayed the teams 3:2 after two legs.

As for Schalke, they seem like a very domestic team and they won in their latest match of the national championship against Wolfsburg 4:1. While Schalke look pretty confident in the home matches, they are really unreliable in the away ones and that’s why they are still not above the 10th position in the standings of the German Bundesliga. Schalke only lost one game on their way to the quarterfinal and it was on the group stage of it in the away match against Salzburg.

The teams only played one game against each other in 2015 and it was a friendly one where Ajax won 0:2. As we have already mentioned before, Ajax are in really good conditions now and last time they lost at home was at the very beginning of the championship in the match against Willem. Of course, Schalke are going to be the favorites of the second leg game in Germany, yet, in the upcoming game Ajax are going to avoid a loss.