Tottenham vs Bournemouth Prediction 15 April 2017
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Tottenham vs Bournemouth Prediction 15 April 2017

Tournament: English Premier League
Location: White Hart Lane
Match date: 15.04.2017 at 12:30

On April 15 2017 at 12:30 in the opening game of the 33th matchday of the English Premier League in London at the White Hart Lane Stadium the local Tottenham will be visited by Bournemouth.

The easy victory of Tottenham in their latest game against Watford was the sixth one in a row in the current season of the English championship for the team. A lot of experts were expecting Tottenham to fail because of the fact that the leader of the team Harry Kane was absent. Yet, the Spurs proved to be strong even without their most important player. We must also admit that Tottenham are still the only team of the English Premier League hasn’t lost a single home game yet. They have already gained 44 points with 39:8 goal difference at home.

If we make the conclusions about the results of the current season of Bournemouth, we must admit that they score really a lot. Yet, Bournemouth are still in the second half of the standings because of their unreliable defense. Moreover, the loss to Chelsea 1:3 in the latest game was the first one since February 25. In the previous matches Bournemouth drew Liverpool, Southampton and Manchester United and outplayed West Ham.

Since Bournemouth made it to the Premier League the teams have already played three games against each other. The results of those matches show the absolute advantage of Tottenham. Anyway, in the first round game of the current season Bournemouth managed to gain points as they drew 0:0. Considering the fact that Tottenham easily win in their latest matches, we think that their conditions will let them outplayed the team from the bottom of the table easily.