Leicester vs Atletico Prediction 18 April 2017
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Leicester vs Atletico Prediction 18 April 2017

Tournament: Champions League
Location: King Power Stadium
Match date: 18.04.2017 at 19:45

On April 18 2017 at 19:45 in the second leg quarterfinal game of the Champions League play-offs at the King Power Stadium the local Leicester play against Atletico from Madrid.

In the first round game of the current Champions League in Madrid Leicester predictable lost, yet we must say that we expected Atletico to win with a more confident score. Leicester were really smart and comparatively reliable in defense and it let them still have chances to make it to the next stage before the second leg game. Anyway, the Foxes didn’t commit a single attempt on target during their previous match. Yet, Leicester seem to be in pretty good conditions now and they won six matches in a row. Moreover, the Foxes look really good in their home matches too.

As for Atletico, they prefer playing from defense, yet in the first round game against Leicester they showed pretty good performance. Even though the final score may seem dangerous, Atletico still have better chances to make it to the next stage of the champions League play-offs. We must also remind you that Atletico haven’t lost since February 26 for nine matches in a row already in all of the tournaments they take part in. it definitely makes the team more confident. Moreover, we should also mention the fact that Atletico have really good chances to score in the second leg game at the King Power Stadium as they scored at least one goal in all of their latest 7 away matches in a row.

The first leg game showed that even though it’s difficult for Leicester to compete against the teams of the Champions League, they are still capable of it. It will definitely be easier for the Foxes to play in the second leg game as they are going to play at home with the support of their domestic fans. Yet, even though we totally respect Leicester, we still think that Atletico are more experienced in the international competitions and they definitely have a better squad. That’s why we think that in the upcoming game the visitors will manage to avoid a loss.