Real Madrid vs Bayern Prediction 18 April 2017
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Real Madrid vs Bayern Prediction 18 April 2017

Tournament: Champions League
Location: Santiago Bernabeu Stadium
Match date: 18.04.2017 at 19:45

On Tuesday, April 18 2017 at 19:45 in the regular second leg game of the Champions League quarterfinal at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium the local Real Madrid play against Bayern from Munich.

In the first round game in Munich Real appeared to be in a very unpleasant situation. They conceded a goal on the 25th minute and it seemed like they would finish the first half with 1:0 score. Yet, there was the penalty shot which Bayern didn’t realize and it changed the way the game went on. Real scored two more goals after the break and it let them win the first leg game of the Champions League quarterfinal at home.

As for Bayer, for them the first round game seemed to be a really good one in the first half. Yet, everything changed, as we have already mentioned before and they lost in the end. Moreover, in the second leg game Bayern will be missing their centre back Martinez as he got two yellow cards in the first let match. Yet, there are some good news for Bayern fans as their manager Carlo Ancelotti admitted. Robert Levadovski will be back in the upcoming game.

Real Madrid will have an advantage in the upcoming match as they won their first away game. Bayern won’t have an opportunity to concentrate on their defense totally and that’s why they will definitely be trying their best to score more than once. We think that Bayern will be able to make their attacking actions successful at least once. Yet, we shouldn’t forget the fact that Real Madrid are going to play at home with their domestic fans watching. Moreover, they scored at least once in each of their latest 20 home games played. That’s why we think that in the upcoming game both teams will manage to score at least once.