Cardiff City vs Newcastle United Prediction 28 April 2017
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Cardiff City vs Newcastle United Prediction 28 April 2017

Tournament: Football League Championship
Location: Cardiff City Stadium
Match date: 28.04.2017 at 19:45

On April 28 2017 at 19:45 in Cardiff in the regular game of the 45th matchday of the English Football League Championship at the Cardiff City Stadium the local club with the same name plays against Newcastle United.

Cardiff have no particular motivation at the current stage of the season, yet it doesn’t stop them from gaining points in every match they play. April was really full of games for Cardiff just like for the rest of the teams and the results of the team I this period can be called satisfying, in fact. In those games Cardiff drew Barnsley and Wigan, outplayed Brentford and Nottingham Forest and lost to Sheffield Wednesday.

As for Newcastle, they are coming back to the Premier League after one season in the Championship. Anyway, we, just like most of the fans, considered Newcastle to be the leaders and the favorites of the Football League championship and thought that the Magpies would win the league this season. Yet, after 44 matches played Newcastle have 88 points and take the second place in the standings 4 points below the leaders Brighton. That’s when we think that Newcastle won’t be able to win the league, yet they will probably make it to the elite division from the first place.

The history of the latest games played between the teams shows the advantage of Newcastle United. We must also remind you that in the first round game of the current season Newcastle United managed to win 2:1 at home. Cardiff are pretty good in the home matches this season, especially in their latest games. Yet, Newcastle still have chances to become the champions of the league and that’s why they are pretty motivated. We think that the visitors will manage to win and gain another three points in the upcoming game.