Burnley vs West Bromwich Prediction 6 May 2017
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Burnley vs West Bromwich Prediction 6 May 2017

Tournament: English Premier League
Location: Turf Moor
Match date: 06.05.2017 at 15:00

On May 6 2017 at 15:00 in the upcoming game of the 36th matchday of the English Premier League at the Turf Moor Stadium the local Burnley are going to compete for three points against their guests West Bromwich.

Burnley as they are this season are similar to Sevilla of the previous season when they only managed to gain points in the home matches while their away games were a complete disaster. They have already played 35 matches in the current season of the national elite division and they have 39 points which let them be seven points above the relegation zone which is a comfortable distance, in fact. The results of Burnley in the home matches are actually better then the results of MU and MC as they gained 32 points in their 17 home matches played.

As for West Bromwich, they probably didn’t find enough motivation to compete against Arsenal and Everton in the Euro Cups zone. They aren’t in danger of relegation and that’s probably why they have no reasons left to try hard. Of course, West Bromwich had their ups and downs during the season, yet they never lost more than two games in a row. Anyway, the loss to Leicester in their latest game was the fourth one in a row and the third one at home. Not long before that West Bromwich lost to Liverpool and Southampton and they were also outplayed by Watford in the away match.

The teams have only played three games against each other since Burnley made it to the Premier League. In those games West Bromwich won twice while Burnley won once. Burnley managed to get points in their home matches against Chelsea and Everton and that’s why we think that West Bromwich, who are definitely in some kind of a crisis now, aren’t likely to get three points in the upcoming match at the Turf Moor.