Napoli vs Cagliari Prediction 6 May 2017
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Napoli vs Cagliari Prediction 6 May 2017

Tournament: Italian Serie A
Location: San Paolo Stadium
Match date: 06.05.2017 at 17:00

On May 6 2017 at 17:00 in the upcoming game of the 35th matchday if the Italian Championship Serie A at the San Paolo Stadium the local Napoli are playing against Cagliari.

There are a few matches left to play in the Italian championship and there are still a lot of fighting on the top of the standings. Napoli are fighting for the second place in the table against Roma. The loss of Roma in the derby against Lazio let Napoli shorten the distance to make it one point. In the rest of the games Napoli are to face Torino, Fiorentina and Sampdoria where all of these teams are going to be the outsiders and yet they will be trying their best to get points. That’s why Napoli are definitely going to concentrate not to lose their chances for the second place.

The season 2016/17 is already pretty successful for Cagliari, in fact. They won the Serie B in the previous season and it let them promote to the elite division and their main task was to stay in it at least for one upcoming season. At the moment Cagliari have 41 points and take the 12th place in the standings 16 points above the outsiders of the championship. Anyway, they gained most of their points in the home matches while they lost 12 of their 17 away ones played this season.

Napoli are one of the favorites of the league and that’s what makes them the favorites of the upcoming match. We must remind you that in the first round game of the current season Napoli won against Cagliari with the devastating 0:5. Moreover, Napoli are very efficient and extremely reliable in their home matches. Cagliari are definitely going to stay in the league next season and they have no reasons to try too hard. As for Napoli, they, in their turn will be trying hard with their fans watching.