Marseille vs Nice Prediction 7 May 2017
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Marseille vs Nice Prediction 7 May 2017

Tournament: French Ligue 1
Location: Velodrome Stadium
Match date: 07.05.2017 at 20:00

On May 7 2017 at 20:00 in the main game of the 36th matchday of the French Lifue 1 at the Velodrome Stadium the local Marseille are going to play against Nice.

The victory against Caen in the latest 1:5 was the second one in the latest three games and prolonged the lossless series of the team to make it 8 matches long already. Such results let Marseille get closer to the Euro Cups zone and now they are just one point below it. In the French Ligue 1 matches which remain Marseille are to play against Bordeaux and Bastia. We think that in that game against Bordeaux we will know whether Marseille will be in the Europa League or not.

As for Nice, they still have chances to compete for the first place in the standings, yet it’s going to be really hard for them. Anyway, the victory against PSG 3:1 in the latest game was a positive fact for Monaco, for the most part, yet Nice also shortened their distance to the second place to make it three points now. Nice are in really great conditions now as they haven’t lost for 12 matches while they won in 8 of them.

The results of the latest games played between the teams show the advantage of Nice as they won in three of five. We must also remind you that in the first round game of the current season Nice also won 3:2. Both teams are extremely motivated at the end of the season as they both want to finish it as high as they can. That’s why we think that they both will manage to score at least once.