Juventus vs Real Madrid Prediction 3 June 2017
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Juventus vs Real Madrid Prediction 3 June 2017

Tournament: Champions League
Location: Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
Match date: 03.06.2017 at 19:45

On June 3 2017 at 19:45 the main game of the season Champions League final will be played at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff between Juventus and Real Madrid.

We will find out whether it will be the first time Gigi Buffon raises the Champions League trophy above his head of it will be Real Madrid who break the curse of that competition and win it for the second time in a row. It’s hard to predict what actually happens as the competitors are almost of the same skill and class and the only thing we can say almost for sure is that both teams are very likely to score.

The final matches of the Champions League had different results and different scenarios and yet both teams scored in all of them, in fact. Moreover, it happened even in the situation where nobody believed it would come true. We are talking about the match between Real and Atletico three years ago when Sergio Ramos scored his goal on the last minutes of the second half and let his team avoid a loss. We shouldn’t also forget about the match in Munich where Bayern and Chelsea scored their goals when there were seven minutes left to play and for Chelsea that was their only chance to score, in fact.

There were only five of 18 Champions League finals in the current century where only one team scored. We should also admit that there were Jose Mourinho teams in those finals and there was also the game of two Italian clubs (Juventus and Milan) in 2003 where the defense was extremely strong. Despite the status of the games, there are always a lot of goals scored in the Champions League finals and that’s natural because poor teams don’t get to that stage of the competition.

The finalists of this year Real Madrid and Juventus are more or less equal and they both have chances to win. The teams played against each other not long ago in the Champions League semifinal in the season 2014/15 and two years before that at the group stage of the same competition. Both teams scored in all of these four matches.

Of course, Juventus are very disciplined and reliable in defense and that’s probably their main advantage. They only conceded one goal at the group stage of the CL in the current season and it was in the match against Monaco when the Old Lady had nothing left to lose. They only conceded three goals in their 12 matches played in the Champions League and that’s the best results of all teams. There weren’t many teams which made it to the final with such confident and reliable defense. Last time it happened in the season 2005/06 when Arsenal only conceded two goals on their way to the final against Barcelona which finished with the victory of the Catalonians 2:1.

Allegri’s side outplayed Barcelona in the semifinal and they managed to avoid missing goals in their both matches. Yet, can they do the same in the match against Real Madrid? We don’t think so. Los Blancos are the only team of the top European League which scored at least once in all of the matches played this season. They scored in all of their latest 64 official matches in a row and that statistics is truly impressive.

They scored in all of their games against Atletico who are known to be really disciplined in defense and they even scored three goals in two matches against them. Real have already scored eight matches in their Champions League play-offs and we must remind you that they scored those goals in the matches against Bayern and Atletico.

Real have Modric and Kroos in their squad, who can give Ronaldo perfect assists. Marcello is also having one of his best seasons in his career. They also have Isco, who has incredible conditions and whose goal left no chances for Atletico in the second leg game. There are also James and Morata who are always ready to strengthen the attack in case Zidane lets them play. Even though Juventus are great in defense, that attack will still be extremely difficult to resist.

Yet, it’s still possible that the Old Lady will manage to score. Real aren’t so perfect in defense. They sometimes mange to confront the attacks of their competitors and avoid missing goals and yet it doesn’t happen often. For example, Real Madrid managed to play without conceding only one game of their 12 played in the current season of the Champions League.

We think that Juventus will be trying to relay more on counterattacks instead of attacking first and that way will be comfortable for them. Even if they are first to conceded, they will still manage to improve the situation. It’s not usual for Real Madrid to play under pressure and defense is most likely to fail in such a situation. We don’t need to try hard to remember an example of it as they conceded two goals by the 16th minute of the second leg game played between them in the CL semifinal.

In fact, the attack line of Juventus isn’t worse than the attack of their competitors. Higuain and Diabla are in wonderful conditions, Alves is having a good season and Cuadrado is very useful in attack even if he doesn’t score a lot. Juve scored in almost all of their matches of the season except tree of them.

These are the reasons why we think that there will be goals scored in the final of the Champions League from both sides. Juventus are in good conditions and any of their counterattacks can be a one which finishes with a goal. At the same time, we don’t think that Juve will manage to deal with the wonderful attack of Real Madrid. That’s why we think that both teams are going to score at least one goal.