Scotland vs England Prediction 10 June 2017
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Scotland vs England Prediction 10 June 2017

Tournament: 2018 World Cup Qualification
Location: Hampden Park Stadium
Match date: 10.06.2017 at 17:00

On June 10 2017 at 17:00 in Glasgow at the Hampden Park in the regular game of the World Cup qualification Scotland national team is playing against England national team.

Scotland have never achieved anything outstanding in their history and yet they still took part in the final of the big international forums, in fact. Last time Scotland played at the World Cup was in 1998 and then they didn’t make it to the play-offs as they didn’t overcome the group stage. As for the current qualifiers, Scotland gained 7 points in their 5 matches played and it let them take the fourth place in the standings of the group.

As for England, they obviously achieved a lot more than their competitors in the upcoming match and yet all of their achievements are left in the previous century. Yet, in the new history the Three Lions didn’t manage to show great results even though they have always had wonderful played in their squads. In the current World Cup qualification England have already played five games, just like the rest of the teams, where they outplayed Slovakia, Malta, Scotland and Lithuania and drew Slovenia.

The teams have been playing against each other since 1950 and they have already played 10 matches since then. The results of these games show the advantage of England as they won 7 matches. Last time they met was in the first round of the current qualification for the World Cup in Russia when England won 3:0 at home. It seems to us that England look obviously stronger now as they have a lot of talented players and great managers.