Portugal vs Mexico Prediction 18 June 2017
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Portugal vs Mexico Prediction 18 June 2017

Tournament: 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup
Location: Kazan Arena
Match date: 18.06.2017 at 16:00

On June 18 2017 at 16:00 in the second game of the Confederation Cup at the Kazan Arena the winners of the Euros Portugal play against CONCACAF Gold Cup winners Mexico.

There were a lot of goals scored in the previous Confederation Cup even though it was played in the hot Brazil. The teams scored 65 goals in 16 matches which is the average of 4.06 goals per match. In 14 of these 16 games the teams scored at least three goals. In Russia the climate is more comfortable for playing football and nothing will stop the competitors from playing fast and scoring a lot.

Anyway, Portugal and Mexico are definitely the teams, which are capable of performance a real show. The current champions of Europe came to Russia with their leader Ronaldo and the footballer like that is always ready to score. Moreover, Ronaldo seems to be in wonderful conditions as he has already scored 9 goals in their 5 matches played. Moreover, there are also a lot of players who can score goals in the squad of the team.

Portugal haven’t scored less than two goals for seven matches already. Of course, they weren’t very efficient at the Euros and yet Confederation Cup is obviously not so important for them and they will be playing more carefree and open football.

As for Mexico, they took part in the Copa America with the manager they have now and they scored 15 goals in their 4 matches played. They also played a World Cup qualification match against USA and they scored a goal by the 23rd minute and before that they won against Honduras 3:0, Ireland 3:1 and Croatia 1:2. As for the previous Confederation Cup, Mexico played there with another coach and yet they scored at least two goals in all of their matches.

Moreover, they also have a lot of players who can score. Hernandez, Jimenez, dos Santos (two of them, in fact), Vela and Peralta are going to play for Mexico at the upcoming competition. They also have a so called joker Damm who plays in the national championship and is extremely fast. He is definitely going to cause a lot of problems for the defenders of Portugal. At the same time, we don’t think that the Mexico defense is going to deal with Ronaldo and the company.

Considering all of the facts mentioned above, we think that there will be more than two goals scored in the upcoming match.