Mexico vs New Zealand Prediction 21 June 2017
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Mexico vs New Zealand Prediction 21 June 2017

Tournament: 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup
Location: Fisht Arena, Sochi
Match date: 21.06.2017 at 19:00

On June 21 2017 at 19:00 in the second round game of the group stage of the 2017 UEFA Confederation Cup and the Fisht Arena in Sochi Mexico are playing against New Zealand.

Mexico came to the Confederation Cup with their main squad and they have been showing really good results in their latest games, in fact. Even though they are mostly successful at home, they still managed to show a really good result in the first round game of the current competition against Portugal as they avoided a loss playing against one of the favorites of the competition. We must also remind you that they were second to score twice in that match. Mexico conceded their second goal on the 86th minute and they still managed to draw due to a goal on the 91st minute.

As for New Zealand, they, in their turn, are considered to be one of the outsiders of the current Confederation Cup and they don’t even hope to make it to the play-offs of it. In the first round game they predictably let Russia lead and they spent most of the match in defense. Anyway, they lost 2:0 in the end.

The match on Wednesday will be the sixth one played between Mexico and New Zealand. The results of the previous games played between them show the absolute advantage of Mexico as they won all of those previous matches. It seems to us that the difference between the teams is obvious and the favorites are obvious too. Mexico are definitely going to win in the forthcoming match and the only question is how many goals they will manage to score.