Los Angeles vs Kansas City Prediction 25 June 2017
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Los Angeles vs Kansas City Prediction 25 June 2017

Tournament: Major League Soccer
Location: Bank of California Stadium
Match date: 25.06.2017 at 17:00

On June 25 2017 at 17:00 in the upcoming game of the regular matchday of the Major League Soccer US at the Bank of California Stadium the local California are going to play against Kansas.

Last time Los Angeles won their national championship was in 2014 and in the previous season they were usually strong and took the third place in their Conference, yet they were kicked-off from the play-offs in the quarterfinal. As for the current championship, even though they showed some unstable results, they are still among the potential favorites of the league 5 points below the leaders of it. The victory against Colorado 1:3 in the latest match prolonged their lossless series to make it 9 matches long already.

As for Kansas City, they took the 5th place in the Western Conference last season and they managed to show huge progress in the current championship. Yet, they had to face some problems in their latest games as they only gained 5 points of 15 possible in their last 5 matches played. In those games Kansas City lost to Vancouver and Colorado, outplayed Los Angeles and drew Montreal and San Jose.

The statistics of the latest games played between the teams show no advantage of any team as they both won and lost in them. In the latest three games Los Angeles and Kansas City drew. In the last match between the teams on September 18 2016 they drew 2:2. We must also admit that Los Angeles are the worst team of the Western Conference according to the results of their home games. Yet, Kansas City only gained 7 points in their 9 away matches of the current season and they only scored three goals. That’s why it seems to us that the hosts will manage to avoid a loss in the forthcoming match.