Portugal vs Chile Prediction 28 June 2017
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Portugal vs Chile Prediction 28 June 2017

Tournament: 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup
Location: Kazan Arena
Match date: 28.06.2017 at 19:00

On June 28 2017 at 19:00 in the upcoming semifinal game of the Confederations Cup at the Kazan Arena Portugal are going to play against Chile.

In fact, there are no obvious reasons for us to consider Portugal to be the favorites of the upcoming semifinal game against Chile. We are absolutely sure that the chances are almost equal for both of them. Portugal weren’t very convincing at the group stage. They drew Mexico as they conceded 2 goals and it’s the same as Chile conceded in their three matches at the Confederations Cup. They also outplayed Russia without any obvious advantage. In fact, they won against New Zealand with the devastating score and yet that’s the team which is pretty easy to outplay.

As for Chile, they had a much more difficult group, in fact. They had the champions of the world there, Australia, who are obviously stronger than New Zealand and Cameroon, who made it to the tournament as the winners of the Africa Cup of Nations, not as the hosts of it. Anyway, Chile managed to overcome the group stage without losing a single game and they were even close to taking the first place in it. The main game against Germany was a really good one and Chile were the first to score in it on the 6th minute of the match. Moreover, they had an opportunity to win at the end of the game and yet they drew 1:1.

We don’t think that there is any difference in class between them. Portugal and Chile are the teams of the same level. Portugal won the Euros while Chile won two latest Copa America competitions which is definitely not worse. Moreover, they haven’t been kicked-off from the play-offs of the big international competitions for 6 years.

Considering the statistics of the Confederations Cup, we must admit that the teams committed almost the same number of attempts and Chile didn’t have any obvious outsiders like New Zealand in their group.

We should also remind you that South America national teams won three latest Confederations Cups. Moreover, there was only one European finalists of six in that same period. Moreover, Chile are very supported in Russia this year.

Anyway, we think that the teams have almost the same chances to make it to the final of the competition. We would choose to be on the teams from South America.