Godoy Cruz vs Gremio Prediction 4 July 2017
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Godoy Cruz vs Gremio Prediction 4 July 2017

Tournament: Copa Libertadores
Location: Estadio Feliciano Gambarte
Match date: 04.07.2017 at 23:15

On July 42017 at 23:15 in the first leg game of the Copa Libertadores play-offs Round of 16 at the Estadio Feliciano Gambarte Godoy Cruz are playing against Gremio.

Godoy Cruz managed to take the second place in the Argentine Primera Division and it let them take part in the Copa Libertadores this season. yet, this season they aren’t so good in their 30 matches played since the beginning of the season they won in their 13 matches drew 4 times and lost 13 times with 34:34 goal difference, which only let them take the 14th place in the standings. Yet, at the Copa Libertadores Godoy Cruz were in the 6th group where they had to play against Atletico Mineiro, Libertad and Sports Boys and gained 11 points which let them take the second place and make it to the play-offs.

As for Gremio, they started the current season in the Serie A pretty well; yet, in the latest matches they seem to have lost their conditions. After the loss to Corinthians 0:1 and in the latest match they lost to Palmeiras 1:0. Anyway, their 22 points gained in their 11 matches played let them take the second place in the standings, yet their distance to the first place was 7 points now. As for the group stage of the Copa Libertadores, Gremio gained 13 points there and took the first place there.

Godoy Cruz and Gremio have never met in their history before. Godoy Cruz looked really poor in the current season and yet they managed to make it to the play-offs of the Copa Libertadores. As for Gremio, they seem to be pretty good now, even though they lost their two latest matches, they still look stronger than their competitors.