England U19 vs Netherlands U19 Prediction 6 July 2017
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England U19 vs Netherlands U19 Prediction 6 July 2017

Tournament: 2017 UEFA European Under 19
Location: Mikheil Meskhi Stadium
Match date: 06.07.2017 at 14:30

On July 6 2017 at 14:30 in the forthcoming game of the Euro Under 19 group stage at the Mikheil Meskhi Stadium England Under 19 team plays against Netherlands Under 19 team.

England youth team Under 19 has never become the champion of the Euros in its history. England made it to the final of the competition once again this time and they started the group stage with a victory. They met their peers from Bulgaria in that match. We must admit that the teams looked pretty equal according to their performance and yet England managed to fulfill their chances and win 0:2 in the end.

As for Netherlands, they didn’t even make it to the finals of the competition; they haven’t even competed for the third or fourth place in it. Anyway, the Dutch were really confident in their qualification for the Euros this time as they didn’t lose a single match there. They also started the final part of the competition with a victory against Germany 1:4. This is also a wonderful result.

The teams have already played four games against each other where Netherlands won twice, England won once and the teams drew in the remaining match. Both teams seem to be really strong and they didn’t lose a single game in the current year. We think that the upcoming match will be a very interesting one with equal performance from both sides.