Zilina vs Copenhagen Prediction 12 July 2017
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Zilina vs Copenhagen Prediction 12 July 2017

Tournament: Champions League Qualification
Location: Zilina Stadium
Match date: 12.07.2017 at 19:15

On July 12 2017 at 19:15 in the regular game of the Champions League Qualification quarterfinal at the Zilina Stadium the local club with the same name plays against the Danish Copenhagen.

Zilina, who won their national elite division seven times in their history, have never achieved anything outstanding in the international competitions. Moreover, they only made it to the group stage of the Champions League once in their history. Then, in the season 2010/11, Zilina made their way to the group stage from the second round of the qualification and they met Chelsea, Marseille and Spartak Moscow.

As for Copenhagen, they are known to be one of the strongest teams of Denmark and of Scandinavia as whole. In the latest season they appeared to be much better than all of their competitors in the national elite division. They became the champions of Denmark for the 12th time in their history and at the same time they won their 8th cup title. Moreover, Copenhagen made it to the group stage of the European competition many times compared to Zilina.

The upcoming game on Wednesday will be the first one played between the teams. Zilina are playing at home where they are obviously going to be supported well. Yet, considering the fact that in the last few years they never made it further than the third qualification round, we don’t think that they will manage to outplay Copenhagen in the upcoming game anyway.