Sonderjysk vs Randers Prediction 15 July 2017
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Sonderjysk vs Randers Prediction 15 July 2017

Tournament: Danish Superliga
Location: Sydbank Stadium
Match date: 15.07.2017 at 17:30

On July 15 2017 at 17:30 in the upcoming game of the first matchday of the Danish Superliga at the Sydbank Stadium in Haderslev the local Sonderjysk play against Randers.

We must start with the fact that the results of Sonderjysk were pretty controversial in the previous season, in fact. They managed to achieve a lot of points and take the fourth place in the standings of the main part of the national elite division which let them take part in the championship round. Yet, a series of mistakes they made at the last stage of the Superliga stopped Sonderjysk from making it to the Euro Cups and also made them the worst team of the Championship.

As for Randers, they showed comparatively worse results in the main part of the Danish Superliga and yet they managed to achieve much more in the promotion play-offs. They made it to the very final of the Europa League promotion play-offs and they lost to Midtjylland there. As for the preseason campaign, Randers won all of their four friendly matches played in it.

It’s hard to determine the favorites of the upcoming match according to the results of the previous games played between them. In the previous season of the national elite division Sonderjysk won in both rounds and yet Randers won the cup match. We think that Sonderjysk prepared really well to start the season with the positive result.