Milan vs Borussia Dortmund Prediction 18 July 2017
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Milan vs Borussia Dortmund Prediction 18 July 2017

Tournament: 2017 International Champions Cup
Location: Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center Central Stadium
Match date: 18.07.2017 at 12:20

On July 18 2017 at 12:20 in the first game of the International Champions Cup at the Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center Central Stadium Italian Milan are going to play against Borussia from Dortmund.

We must admit first of all that the International Champions Cup is a friendly tournament in fact and yet one of the best teams of Europa are taking part in it. In the first match Milan meet Borussia and we must say that just a few months ago we wouldn’t have any doubts about the favorites of the match as Borussia are obviously stronger. Anyway, now the situation is rather different.

Milan were very active in the current transfer window. They have already bought Leonardo Bonucci, Andrea Conti, Fabio Borini, Andre Silva and a few others. It’s obvious that Milan won’t just manage to compete against the best teams of their domestic championship but also in the international ones. We don’t think that there is any point in mentioning the statistics of the previous season as the current Milan aren’t that same team any more. They only played one game with the new squad and it was a one against Lugano and they won 4:0. Of course, the cooperation of the players of Milan is far from perfection, but the performance is still rather good.

As for Borussia, they weren’t that active at the transfer market at all. Yet, they still managed to keep their main players which is also a rather good result for them. Yet, Borussia always have two main problems: they sell their important players as they sell them or as they get injured. Borussia managed to deal with the first one but they didn’t manage to avoid the second. We should also remind you that Borussia had their manager replaced and that’s why we shouldn’t probably expect a lot from them in the upcoming season.

The teams played two games against each other and they won one game each with the same 1:0 score. We don’t actually expect Borussia to win in the forthcoming match. That’s why it seems to us that Milan will manage to avoid a loss.