Bayern Munich vs Arsenal Prediction 19 July 2017
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Bayern Munich vs Arsenal Prediction 19 July 2017

Tournament: 2017 International Champions Cup
Location: Shanghai Stadium
Match date: 19.07.2017 at 12:20

On July 19 2017 at 12:20 in Shanghai in the International Champions Cup Bayern Munich are going to play against Arsenal from London.

Even though Bayern are considered to be one of the strongest teams of the European continent they still lack something which would let them win the Champions League. As for their national elite division, they have no real competitors in it at all. Bayern actually finished the previous season 15 points above their closest rivals. Bayern had a few friendly matches during their preseason campaign. They also won in the Telekom Cup as they outplayed Hoffenheim 1:0 and Werder FC 0:2.

As for Arsenal, they won the English FA Cup in the previous season as they outplayed Chelsea 2:1. We must also remind you that the Gunners took the fifth place in the standings of the English Premier League and it means that they won’t take part in the Champions League this season. As for the preseason campaign, Arsenal outplayed two Australian teams which were Sydney 0:2 and Sydney Wonderers 1:3.

The teams have been playing against each other since 2000. Bayern won in 7 matches while Arsenal won three times. We must also remind you that in the round of 16 of the latest Champions League play-offs Bayern won against Arsenal 2:10 in two matches. That’s why we think that in the forthcoming match Bayern are more likely to win.