Eibar vs Leeds Prediction 23 July 2017
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Eibar vs Leeds Prediction 23 July 2017

Tournament: Club Friendlies
Location: Stadion Jenbach
Match date: 23.07.2017 at 16:00

On July 23 2017 at 16:00 in the upcoming regular club friendly game Spanish Eibar are playing against English Leeds United.

The impressive performance of Eibar in their first season in the national elite division finished with three draws in a row. Anyway, the Gunners still managed to stay in the Primera. Yet, they even showed rather good skills and took a position right in the middle of the table. They have already played two matches in their current preseason campaign where they outplayed Real Union and Baracaldo.

Really good results all through the season finished with a serious recession at the end of it for Leeds in the football League championship and that was a serious problem for the team. They had five matches long winless series at the end of the season and it made them lose their position in the standings and stopped them from making it to the promotion play-offs. As a result, Leeds United are going to spend at least one more season in the Championship.

Spanish Eibar and English Leeds Untied have never met in their history before. At the moment both teams look pretty well in their preseason campaigns and they mostly avoid losing in their matches. We think that in the forthcoming match both teams will manage to score at least once.