Leipzig vs Sevilla Prediction 29 July 2017
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Leipzig vs Sevilla Prediction 29 July 2017

Tournament: Emirates Cup
Location: Emirates Stadium
Match date: 29.07.2017 at 14:00

On July 29 2017 at 14:00 in London at the Emirates Stadium in the friendly tournament Emirates Cup German Leipzig are playing against Spanish Sevilla.

Leipzig are obviously the most hated teams of their national elite division and of their country as whole. There are a few reasons for it. First of all the Germans are rather skeptical about the Project of Red Bull and Leipzig are a one, as we know. On the other hand, the Germans deeply respect the traditions of the clubs which Leipzig don’t actually have. Anyway, it didn’t stop Leipzig from showing rather good results for the beginners of the league. They even managed to keep the first place for some time. Anyway, in the end Leipzig lost their race for the championship and got the second place in the standings together with an opportunity to take part in the Champions League this season.

As for Sevilla, they are usually considered to be the favorites of the Spanish Primera. Yet, in the previous season hey didn’t manage to compete for the first place in the standings as they were rather unstable in fact. In the end Sevilla finished the season on the fourth place in the standings with 72 gained and got an opportunity to take part in the Champions League qualification. In the preseason campaign Sevilla played against two Japanese teams where they won once and lost once.

The upcoming game will be the first one played between the teams. As the practice shows, it’s always rather difficult to predict the result of the friendly matches lake this as each team has its own policy in the friendlies. Anyway, Sevilla are more skilled and much stronger and they are rather convincing in the matches against other European teams. That’s why we don’t think that Leipzig will manage to win in that match.