Nottingham Forest vs Millwall Prediction 4 August 2017
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Nottingham Forest vs Millwall Prediction 4 August 2017

Tournament: Football League Championship
Location: City Ground Stadium
Match date: 04.08.2017 at 19:45

On August 4 2017 at 19:45 in the opening game of the English Football League Championship at the City Ground Stadium the local Nottingham Forest are going to play against Millwall.

We think that a lot of people know about the fact that Nottingham Forest have a very unusual achievement. They won the Premier League a few times and they also won the European Champions Cup. I the previous season Nottingham Forest showed rather unstable results and even though they scored a lot and yet their defense was so unreliable that they even were among the outsiders of the league in the relegation zone for some time. Anyway, in the end, after 46 matches played Nottingham Forest finished the league with 51 points gained and they appeared to be above the relegation zone because of the better goal difference.

As for Millwall, they haven’t become more stable and they only managed to take the 6th place in the standings due to some kind of luck. These results let them take part in the promotion play-offs where they on against Scunthrope United 3:2. They made it to the final of the play-offs where they were outplayed by Brentford City, who scored the winner on the 85th minute of the game.

Nottingham Forest and Millwall have been playing against each other since 2001. Most of the games were rather successful for the team from London. Yet, we still think that Nottingham Forest are a bit more stable lately and moreover they are still playing at home this time. That’s why it seems to us that the hosts are more likely to win.