Ponte Preta vs Fluminense Prediction 10 August 2017
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Ponte Preta vs Fluminense Prediction 10 August 2017

Tournament: Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A
Location: Moises Lucarelli Stadium
Match date: 10.08.2017 at 00:00

On August 10 2017 at 00:00 in Sao Paulo at the Moises Lucarelli Stadium the local Ponte Preta are going to play against Fluminense in the upcoming regular game of the Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A.

The previous game of the Brazilian national elite division Ponte Preta met Vasco da Gama and it was supposed to be very interesting and exciting. Anyway, none of the teams showed anything outstanding and they only committed three shots on target together. As a result, Ponte Preta still have 22 points gained and are still too close to the relegation zone on the 15th place in the standings.

As for Fluminense, they didn’t have a better latest match, in fact. Everybody expected Fluminense and Atletico Goianiense to score a lot of goals. Yet, Fluminense were by far not in their best conditions and hadn’t won for three games in a row before that. Anyway, they still used their chance to break their winless series and won 3:1 in that home match. As a result, Fluminense are now on the 10th place in the standings.

In each to the four games played between the teams the hosts won. Fluminense are still rather easy competitors for Ponte Preta as they only lost three home games in 17 years to Fluminense. Yet, we should also mention the fact that Fluminense are in rather good conditions now as they have a series of six away matches without losses.