Southampton vs Wolverhampton Prediction 23 August 2017
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Southampton vs Wolverhampton Prediction 23 August 2017

Tournament: English League Cup
Location: Saint Mary’s Stadium
Match date: 23.08.2017 at 19:45

On Wednesday, August 23 2017 at 19:45 in the upcoming regular game of the Round of 64 of the English Football League Cup at the Saint Mary’s Stadium the local Southampton will meet Wolverhampton.

After two games played in the English Premier League we can make some approximate results about the conditions of Southampton. They are obviously not in their best conditions now. They have a few great players it their squad and yet they aren’t always reliable enough in defense and the latest match in the second game of the English Premier League proves it. Southampton have been leading through almost all the game and yet their competitors West Ham managed to score two goals in a very short period. Luckily for Southampton they scored on the 93rd minute from a penalty.

As for Wolverhampton, they started the new season in the English Football League Championship really well. It all started with the victory in the first match against Middlesbrough 1:0 and after that they outplayed Derby County 0:2 and Hull City 2:3. Yet, the winning serious couldn’t continue anymore and in the fourth match they lost to Cardiff City, who are in really great conditions now.

Southampton won most of the matches played against Wolverhampton as they are obviously the team of another level. Every team tries to win at the beginning of the season and yet not all of the teams manage to do it. We think that Southampton are going to win once again this time as it’s going to be their home match and they actually have everything to win.