Kosovo vs Finland Prediction 5 September 2017
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Kosovo vs Finland Prediction 5 September 2017

Tournament: 2018 World Cup qualification
Location: Loro Borici Stadium, Shkoder
Match date: 05.09.2017 at 19:45

On September 5 2017 at 19:45 in the upcoming regular game of the 2018 World Cup qualification campaign at the Loro Borici Stadium in Shkoder the local Kosovo national team will play against Finland national team.

It’s funny that the previous game of Kosovo against Croatia was played in two stages. The first part of the match was 27 minutes long and after that the game was interrupted because of the heavy rain. The teams finished the match on the next day where Croatia won 1:0. That game was the sixth loss for Kosovo in their 7 qualification matches played.

As for Finland, they played their seventh game on September second just as it was planned. Considering the fact that Finland only gained 1 point in their 6 matches played before in the game against Kosovo, their domestic game against Iceland wasn’t expected to be a good one for them. Anyway, Finland managed to score a fast goal on the 8th minute and concentrated on their defense after that. Of course, the game was rather boring after that and yet it let Finland gain three points in the end.

The upcoming game on Tuesday will be just the second one played between the teams. We must remind you that in the first game Finland were also the first to score on the 18th minute and yet Kosovo managed to equalize and draw 1:1. Anyway, it seems to us that we shouldn’t expect any spectacular performance from the team and there won’t a lot of goals scored in the upcoming match.