Levante vs Valencia Prediction 16 September 2017
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Levante vs Valencia Prediction 16 September 2017

Tournament: Spanish Primera Division
Location: Ciutat de Valencia
Match date: 16.09.2017 at 12:00

On September 16 2017 at 12:00 in the upcoming regular game of the 4th matchday of the Spanish Primera Division at the Ciutat de Valencia Stadium the local Valencia will play against Valencia.

Levante made it to the elite division of the Spanish football and we don’t think that anybody actually expected those outsiders to be this confident at the beginning of the new season. Despite all of the predictions Levante outplayed Villarreal 1:0 in the first game. In the second match they drew Deportivo where they had to come back from 0:2 and they also had to score their second goal with just 10 players on the pitch. In the latest game they had to meet the favorites of the league Real Madrid and they weren’t actually supposed to show at least any result there. Anyway, they managed to draw los Blancos 1:1 in Madrid and they are actually the first to score in that game.

As for Valencia, they had a very difficult schedule at the beginning of the championship too. During the last two seasons they were among the middle-peasants of the league. They haven’t lost a single game this season yet. Their victory against Las Palmas in the first game 1:0 was a predictable one while their draws in the next games against Real Madrid and Atletico were real sensations. It gave them a strong basis for a great season.

None of the teams have any advantage in the latest three seasons. We must actually admit that both of the teams won in their domestic matches. In the matches already played this season the teams were really reliable in defense and confident even when they were the outsiders. We must admit in the end that in five of the latest six games between the teams only one of them scored.