Roma vs Verona Prediction 16 September 2017
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Roma vs Verona Prediction 16 September 2017

Tournament: Italian Serie A
Location: Olimpico Stadium
Match date: 16.09.2017 at 19:45

On September 1 2017 at 19:45 in Rome at the Olimpico Stadium the local Roma will be visited by Verona in the upcoming fourth game of the Italian Serie A.

Even though Roma took the second place in the stnadigns of the Italian national elite division, it wasn’t enough for the directors of the team to continue working with Spaletti. Now Di Francesco is their manager. Despite the questionable decision of the directors, Roma managed to outplay Atalanta 0:1 in the first game of the season. The second game was played against Inter Milan. Roma scored a fast goal on the 15th minute and chose to concentrate on defense after that which appeared to be a mistake. They kept the winning score till the 67th minute and after that Roma conceded three goals and lost in the end. As for the third game of the championship in Genoa, it wasn’t played because of the bad weather. It let Roma prepare for the champions League match better and yet they only drew without scoring a single goal playing against Atletico Madrid. We must admit that Roma only committed one attempt on target.

As for Verona, they deservedly came back to the national elite division and yet they didn’t strengthen their weak positions at all and that’s why their results at the beginning of the new season were predictable. Verona only gained one single point in their three starting games and they did it in their only away game against Crotone as they drew 0:0. As for their two home matches Verona lost to Napoli 1:3 and Fiorentina 0:5.

Rome have an advantage in the history of head-to-heads of the teams and yet we should remind you that the last three matches between Roma and Verona finished with the draws with the same 1:1 score. Of course, Verona need to get used to the new manager and yet they are still much stronger compared to the beginners of the league Verona. We think that Roma are going to win confidently in the forthcoming match.