Napoli vs Benevento Prediction 17 September 2017
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Napoli vs Benevento Prediction 17 September 2017

Tournament: Italian Serie A
Location: San Paolo Stadium
Match date: 17.09.2017 at 14:00

On September 17 2017 at 14:00 in the upcoming regular game of the 4th matchday of the Italian Serie A at the San Paolo Stadium the local Napoli will play against Benevento.

Wonderful concentration and discipline let Napoli start the new season with a series of victories. Yet, despite all of the predictions they unexpectedly lost in the previous match. They had Ukrainian Shakhtar as competitors in the group stage of the Champions League and they were supposed to win easily. Yet, football is sometimes really unpredictable and Napoli lost points in their game in Ukraine. Anyway, their results in the national championship are perfect. After three matches played they have 9 points gained with 9:2 goal difference.

As for Benevento, nobody actually expected them to make it to the elite division of the Italian national football championship. Yet, their successful performance in the promotion play-offs of the previous season of the Serie B let them take part in the Serie A this season. Of course, we didn’t expect Benevento to compete for the highest places in the current championship and yet their three losses in three starting games don’t let their fans hope for any positive perspectives for the club.

The teams only played two games against each other in the season 2004/05 and Napoli won both of these games. We are sure that Napoli weren’t planning to lose in the first Champions League game and this time they will be trying their best to find and strengthen their weak positions. We think that in the upcoming Serie A game the hosts will win confidently to improve their psychological conditions.